Institutional Objectives and Outcomes

Agora University is the meeting place of holistic persons and academic excellence, we aim to focus on:

  1. The Humanities — Being committed to shaping our curriculum and programs to ask the fundamental questions of human existence and to situate our knowledge guided by Eastern Christian Wisdom.
  2. Our Eastern Christian Identity — the realization that the self-understanding of who we are and what we do is grounded and informed by what it means to be an Eastern Christian.

Our institutional objectives are:

- Provide quality distance education programs for graduate students to impact their communities.

- Provide credentialed faculty members who have experience in teaching. Our goal is that at least 90 percent of our faculty have doctorates in their fields. Others with at least exceptional expertise in the courses they teach.

- Provide adequate administrative staff to facilitate coordination of student services, financial accountability, and technological support.

- Provide structured graduate-level programs in a semester-long format that is readily accessible in a flexible manner through technologically sound, cost-effective educational systems.

- Provide effective interactions between students and faculty, as measured by at least a 90 percent positive rating on our end-of semester survey. All student complaints will be investigated by the Dean within 14 days.

Guided by our Mission statement and through work at faculty meetings, Agora University identifies three major Institutional Learning Outcomes as guides to all of the work of teaching and learning, community-building, and impactful formation of its students.

These are:
1. Innovative learning,
2. Open discussion, and research
3. to become whole persons, creative thinkers, and leaders to advance their communities.