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Too Many Windows and Not Enough Mirrors

On Seeing Others and Ourselves Through the Windows of Social Media by Ave Ibrahim, Director of Public Outreach and Relations at Agora University The perception of a decline in society is common to many these days, and although history has had many and repeated dark patches, there’s an eerie and anxious feeling of emptiness lurking. […]

God in the Time of COVID-19: Eucharistic Union

A major consequence of COVID-19’s spread has been the shutting down of institutions, including the public services performed by the Church. This led to an illusory existential problem in the mind of many believers, that of the so-called separation between members of Christ’s body, as well as between the believer and the Eucharistic gift. Indeed, […]

Sacrificial Love and Being Called to Community

Living in community is in many ways unfamiliar to those in places of the world where ideals of progress, self-actualization, and the individual influence how they goes about everyday tasks and imagines the progression of their life. Of course, many people experience being members of communities based on ethnic and religious identities or even recreational […]