Mr. Naguib sawiris CHAIRMAN


Advisory Board

Mr. Alex Shalaby
President of the Board

H.E. Archbishop John Kawak

H.G. Bishop Angelos (Egypt)

Mr. George Sorial, J.D., M.B.A., L.L.M.

Mr. Mark Morgan, J.D.

Ms. Lana Sawiris


H.G. Bishop Epiphanius President Emeritus of the Board
(June 27, 1954 – July 29, 2018)

Executive Team

Dr. Emmanuel Gergis – Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Michael Wingert – Dean

Mr. Amir Hanna – Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Sylvana Selim – Chief of Staff and Operations

Mr. John Saad – Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Pablo Albaladejo Diaz – Sr. Director of Educational Services & Partnerships

Mr. Avram Ibrahim – Director of Public Relations

Mr. Bassem Massoud – Director of Finance

Ms. Lidia Khalil – Director of Academic and Administrative Services

Ms. Mary Ghattas – Editor-in-Chief (Agora University Press)

Mr. Beshoy Sabri – Digital Media Specialist

Mr. Andrew Amir – I.T. Specialist