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guiding students through the lens of Eastern Christian Wisdom to make an impact in the contemporary world.


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We strive to equip students through innovative learning, open discussion, and research to become whole persons, creative thinkers, and leaders to advance their communities.

The Vision: A note from our CEO

Dear Friends,

Agora (n.) is a Greek word that means assembly of the people. This central space found in ancient prominent cities of the East, like Alexandria and Athens, was a medium for people to gather and exchange ideas and relate on a daily basis. The Agora of Alexandria particularly, situated a few steps away from the ancient library of Alexandria, was a hub for philosophers, esteemed teachers, creative thinkers, and inquisitive students who were eager to advance human knowledge and impact their communities. The intellectual wealth of this Alexandrian assembly was further enriched by early Christian thinkers who reoriented human knowledge from early humanism to the concrete reality of God by proclaiming that God is with and in us.

Today, the scholarly community at Agora University aims to do just that: become the assembly point for holistic persons and academic excellence. My vision was to create a platform for equipping students to not only excel academically but to also learn how to use their vocations to transform and serve their communities. In the process, our students would become whole. We are committed to restoring academic authenticity by responding to the lacuna found in contemporary discussions between humankind and God, through the lens of this ancient tradition.

I invite you to join our Agora family which has already produced impactful leaders who are reshaping their communities.  

Dr. Emmanuel Gergis, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Agora University

A Message from Our Chairman

Listen to our Chairman Mr. Naguib Sawiris’ message and vision for Agora University.

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